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Twins X3 by Fran Pitre: A LaMothe Book Review

Posted Jun 22 2010 6:00am
Twins X3 Now here is a book I could not put down! Twins X3 by Fran Pitre is a story not to be missed. Fran is very candid when retelling the tale of her life thus far. Did she use Assisted Reproductive Technologies? Yes she did, as far as the Catholic Church would allow, using a slew of medications and finally GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer.) She talks about the difficulty of becoming pregnant, having premature babies, her relationships with her in-laws and other family members, her bouts of anxiety and depression.  While it's like reading a personal journal, Fran explains, in detail, just what each medical procedure is, why she and her husband decide to try it or why they didn't (think IVF ), and how it is to live with three sets of twins. At the end of the book she even has parenting tips. Throughout each chapter are photos of her family and although they are not the best quality you can certainly relate better to these very real life characters. This book is obviously written from the heart not only to chronicle her own life story but, it seemed to me, a huge book (545 pages) of Thanks! Fran thanks everyone from the medical staff, hospital nurses, friends, relatives and teachers often throughout her story. Let's face it, when you are pregnant with one set of twins and have two sets at home, you need a lot of help!
Anyone struggling with infertility, a parent with children or a Catholic that has questions regarding fertility treatments would surely find something to relate to in Twins X3 by Fran Pitre.   
Twins X3 family
A note from Fran herself!
Dear Sharon,

I wanted to email you a personal reply to thank you for such a wonderful review of my book. Your review truly brought me to tears. My hope is that with your advice through this review, your readers will be inspired to read my book and know that they are not alone in their journey through infertility, and will learn that childless couples really can become parents and see their dreams become reality.

As a side note, I gathered by your statement of the "not-the-best-quality photos" that you unfortunately must have received one of the copies from a printing run where the printing calibration was off. I had noticed this on a few copies, notified Xlibris (my publisher/printer), and was guaranteed that from that run on, each book had crisp, clear photos. Since then, I received a shipment where the photos were perfect ... and that's coming from myself as a graphic designer.

I just want to tell you that in regards to your review so that your readers don't expect anything less than the best product should they decide to purchase a book.

Again, thank you so much for your warm, supportive, very positive review of my book!

Fran Pitre
author: TWINS x 3
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