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'twiblings'* can be the best of friends

Posted Oct 14 2008 5:00am

I love the moments when I see Baby Bunching has paid off. Like yesterday when I picked my kids up from school. At the same time. In the same location. After four hours of preschool. Did you hear that? I had four hours to do errands, blog, write, make phone calls, etc. That in and of itself was fabulous, but not the reason for this post.

It was what happened on the way home that amazed me. We're all riding home in the car, and they are filling me in on their morning events. Alex asks me hand him his school bag because he has something special in there. Usually it’s a piece of contruction paper with something scribbled on it—alien, knight, superhero—but it never really looks like anything other than some scribbles. He pulls out a plate with two pictures glued on it—one is a Cowboy and Indian scene (typical Alex) the other is a dog. He reaches over to Anna’s carseat and gives it to her. “I made this one for you,” he says. “Oh, Alex, thank you.” And she clutches it to her chest.

Now if you looked at this, you would crack up. Really it’s two magazine pictures on a paper plate. At least they’re recycling the magazines at school. But obviously it’s the gesture here that says it all. To think my son would purposely make something at school with his sister in mind was beyond anything I could imagine he would do a few years ago. I tried to find out the meaning behind the pictures. Apparently he just thought she’d like the cowboy scene, but he told me how much she loves dogs so he put that on there for her—pointing out that when he cut it, he made sure not to cut the dog.

Then Anna yells from the back seat, “Mommy get my bag. I have something for Alex.” I pull out a mound papers, which is always the case with Anna and her art. She, too, had a paper plate with pieces of paper glued on (must have been paper plate day). “I made that one for Alex,” she proudly says. So Alex gets his plate. “Oh, Anna, thank you for this.” I have no idea if Anna really had made this just for Alex, but I was so pleased to see she understood the concept of returning the favor.

We rode him in quiet as the two clutched their gifts from each other and talked about their days—to each other.

Then they got home.....and attacked each other with Crayola markers.

* Twiblings is our term for siblings who are not quite twins, but close enough to almost be twins.

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