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Trying to have a baby

Posted by mzchelle73

Ok here it goes.....

My spouse and I are trying to get pregnant.  I had a copper IUD removed last week (no hormones in it) and we started trying.  Well around the 28th I started feeling weird and getting sick, irritable, tender breast, frequent urination, had some spotting on 7/30, dizzy spells and blacked out.  

This was a trip to the ER... they did a blood test and told me that my HCG level was a 10 and last time my blood was drawn it was a 2 (about 1 month prior) sooo if I am pregnant it is VERY early. 

Any insight would be great.....



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It could be very early..

are they tracking your beta numbers?

I do not know anything about beta numbers.  If I am this will be my 4th child BUT me youngest will be 12( and i knew with her within a week when I woke up one morning).  The instincts kicked in and said ummm you are pregnant, but I just need the "proof" so to say yes you are.  I know I need to take a stick test but not sure when to do that either.  I want to do it now but again I know better... 
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