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Trying to crawl

Posted Jul 06 2012 6:38am
Tabitha is now seven and a half months old and so much fun.  She is so smiley! Here is a picture of her lovely smile.  She often has her tongue bent over in that strange way.  She has got her bright blue eyes from her dad.

She still isn't a fan of rolling, though she does it every now and again.  She is starting to become mobile.  She shuffles around the room on her bottom.  This picture shows how she does it, with her legs bent.

She also likes to get from this position into crawl position, but her leg gets stuck underneath her.  She doesn't like lying on her tummy either and often she will free her leg, but end up lying on her tummy and then she will cry for help.  I don't think it will be long before she crawls properly.  Many babies stick with the bottom shuffling, but I get the feeling she wants to crawl.

She has also started trying to pull herself up on my knee, when I'm sitting on the sofa.  She's a long way from succeeding though.  Apparently, she can roar like a lion and then she giggles.  I haven't seen this skill yet.  I keep roaring at her, but she just smiles back.

Here are some pictures of Tabitha with her Mum and Dad.  (We really need to get some pictures of all of us together!)

Tabitha with her Mummy

Tabitha with her Daddy
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