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True facts

Posted May 14 2009 12:00am

JB is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So do my exclamation points adequately confirm how excited everyone is in our house to see him return? Mommy, Isaac, Elijah, Scrubby . . .

Okay so, yes, it's true. The fish were not that excited. I discovered yesterday that only one of them survived his departure. Since you have to be alive to participate in excitement, celebration is out for the dead fish.

JB asked if I had cleaned the tank with anything while he was gone that might have killed them? What? Why the heck would I do that? In one quick second, my eyes said everything he needed to know.

Yes JB. In my free time I decided that I had nothing better to do and I would scrub YOUR tank. I could list about one hundred things I would have done before cleaning out a fish tank. Cleaning the toilets would be one of them, and trust me when I say that hasn't been done in quite some time.

Cleaning up "upsetness" would not be one of them, but I did do that a number of times while JB was gone just for fun.

I think JB quickly realized how silly that question was as well. Clean his tank. Yeah right.

But fish aside, JB is home and he is excited to be home. We "surprised" him by showing up at the airport instead of waiting for one of travel companions to drop him off at the house. I put "surprised" in quotation marks because I think he figured it out when he tried to call us upon landing and didn't get an answer at home.

Note to self: make up a reason you won't be at home when his plane lands next time you want to surprise him.

Another note to self: don't scare your oldest son right before he gets to sees his Daddy. I made the mistake of setting Isaac down to go to walk to JB. Isaac, however, didn't see Daddy right away amidst the crowd and got quite scared and confused as to why his Mommy was setting him down all of a sudden, alone, in a big airport.

When he finally saw JB, it all made sense, but there was quite a moment of panic that preceded that.

Add that to the list of things I have learned since being a Mom. Second to the fact that it really is true that you canNOT have too many burp cloths.

New topic.

Fatigue and education.

JB is pretty stinkin' tired. Not only does he have some sort of head cold, but he got very little sleep while he was gone.

Let me ask all my readers something.

When you were in school and you had a big test to take, what did your parents and teachers encourage you to do? Like before the SATs or ACTs for example. You were told to get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, things like that, right?

JB had an all right time at his week long training. Don't get me wrong. However, what makes absolutely no sense to me is why you would try to educate physicians about life-saving techniques in the field, how to save lives and limbs in battle, things like that, while you were exhausting them.

I understand that military docs need to be schooled in how to live without air conditioning and sleep on little cots, wake up at the crack of dawn, and eat MREs and stuff like that. But why would you combine learning to live in the field with education? This is just my personal opinion, but I think you should take them out for separate weeks. Take them out and teach them to live in deplorable conditions for one week. Then take them somewhere the next week, feed them good food and give them good rest and educate their minds.

Errrr . . . wait a minute. That would mean he'd be gone for two weeks.

Scratch that idea. Forget I even brought it up.

New topic.

Three day weekend. JB has one. How wonderful to get him to ourselves for three whole days! We are going to have Jeff and Bobbie over for the kids tomorrow night. Then on Sunday we'll have church and a get together with our Care Group to say good bye to some of our fellow Care Groupers.

More good byes.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate saying good bye?

And another interesting topic while I am at it. Naps. Isaac won't let JB out of his sight since he got home. That means he all of a sudden thinks his nap is an incredibly bad idea. He always goes down for his naps talking and giggling.

As I write this he is doing anything but giggling in his crib. You can hear it in his voice. Why am I in the crib? Why aren't I with my Daddy?

I wish he could understand that Daddy is taking a nap right now as well. He's one tired guy. And unlike Isaac, Daddy thinks naps are AWESOME!

Instead of jumping topics again, let me jump to the end so I can go and get my overly tired crying eldest son.

Did I mention we are so glad to have our JB home?

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