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Trip and other miscellaneous sundies updated

Posted Oct 02 2009 3:08pm
We have had a couple of whirlwind weeks which is one reason I haven't updated sooner.

We got back from Vegas last Friday, didn't win ANYTHING, but had a great time anyway. We did have one minor hiccup that I have filed away as a "lesson learned". I wore myself out trying to walk to the Stratosphere in 100+ degree heat and got very grumpy.

I heard somewhere that the whole length of the strip is 2 miles and that the Stratosphere is at the end. We had just finished eating lunch at the Bellagio which according to the tourist map looked about halfway. I convinced Kevin it would be good for us to work off some of our gluttonous Vegas buffet fair and walk the distance rather than taking a taxi or riding the Deuce (bus). Besides it was only a mile! Additionally, we are from Texas and are accustomed to 100+ degree heat WITH humidity, and we had plenty of water to stay well hydrated! Heck, we walked to Excalibur which was on the other end of the strip (certainly at least a mile in distance) without a problem! How hard could it be, right? I'm embarrassed to say it did occur to me before hand that we made our Excalibur trip AT NIGHT and that our tourist map may not have been to scale, but I rejected those ideas in the interest of burning calories. Boy, did we do that!

Anyway, we did walk the distance while making stops along the way, but it definitely seemed more than a mile! We ended up taking a taxi back to our hotel in a very foul mood vowing never to attempt such a feat again. I will say though that due to my diligent and disciplined use of sunscreen, I did NOT get a sunburn.

Here is a picture of us, pre -Stratosphere excursion. See how happy we, I mean, I look? Kevin came down with a cold at the beginning of our trip and wasn't feeling too good that day. He got over it pretty quick though.

Then we had a major scare after getting onto the plane headed home. No, this wasn't a terrorist threat or concerns about the structural soundness of the plane. I looked down at my hand, and my engagement ring was GONE!

Now, I must admit that this is not the first time this has happened, and I've been putting off the inevitable task of getting my rings resized, but I've always known in the past the moment my ring slipped off my finger before.

The flight attendant let me look up and down the isle and at the gate, but I feared I had accidentally thrown it away in the bathroom after washing my hands. Unfortunately, the bathroom was nowhere near the gate and our plane was about to take off. I was coming around to the idea that we would need to start saving for several months to be able to invest in a new wedding set when I decided to scour the contents of my bag in the vain hope it accidentally slipped off into there. I picked up my bag from under the seat in front of me and there was my ring on the floor! I immediately put both my rings in my wallet vowing not to put them back on until I got them fixed. I am happy to report they were resized and saudered together the next day.


The next day after we got back on Sept 5 th was the 2 year anniversary of Sierra's stillbirth. I thought a lot about her that day, but we didn't do anything to commemorate the event for a combination of reasons the least of which being we ran out of time. Despite that, I was having mixed feelings about making a big deal out of it. Even though an experience like this has a lasting impact, I didn't want to go through the motions of acknowledging the event. I don't want to feel like a slave to the ritual, and I felt the need to move on and not be tied down by all the emotional baggage.

Yeah, I felt slightly guilty for not doing anything for her on that day. But it seems to me the purpose of acknowledging the day is to keep her memory alive, but her memory has and will live on in us. I think of her often, and I know that we could never forget her. And I am at peace with that.


I found out yesterday that the Victoria Secret Love your Body contest has been closed early due to tampering which I suspect is from "ballot stuffing". Funny thing is, Kevin originally suggested that I set up a script to "artificially inflate" my votes (or in other words cheat), but I rejected the idea out of hand!

They are still going to award the two prizes, but unless they disqualify the cheaters, I won't be eligible for a prize. They will award one prize to People's Choice and one to Judge's Choice. But in order to be eligible for Judge's Choice, you have to be in the top 50. I am in the top 100, but not top 50.

Even though I may not be eligible for a prize, I still feel fortunate that my friends and family cared enough to cast votes on a daily basis. Plus, we were able to take a fun, exciting, lesson-filled trip to Las Vegas! Those things are prize enough for me!
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