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traveling by car and walking and carnival rides after blastocyst transfer

Posted by believer

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am concerned about a few things. I am having one blastocyst (frozen) from 2008 put in on 5/11 in Richmond Va.  I live in Pa.  In Richmond the night of the transfer we will stay in a hotel, then in a car driving to another destination for two more days  about  an hour and half ride,   then  back to Pa.  a 5 - 6 hour drive. The IVF Lab the Doctor and IVF Lab professional both said take it easy, don't do anything you will regret. Relax. lay back in your car seat the next day.

What is your opinion. Should I convince the husband that we need to stay on the beach three days or more after the transfer?

Whole family going to amusement park. 11 days after the transfer of my blastocys, I won't be doing any rollercoasters or rough rides. Some rides are no different than being in a car.  What is your feeling on this.

 I need to relax and these are the questions that leave me most stressed. I am 41 and the 3 embryo transfer 2 years ago did not work. I was mourning the death of a friend that happened just a week prior to my transfer.


I lost some weight and am healthier now and a lot more relaxed than two years ago.  It was very stressfull going thru the needles and such and all the money.

 I do believe the blastocyst will imbed just wondering on how soon of activity. eg: walking and car rides.  Thank you in advance for your careful thought and discussion on the matter.. If you say no long car ride for 10 days my husband goes home to Pa without me and I am staying on the beach. 

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