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Top Ten “Tools” List for Pregnant Moms

Posted Jul 31 2010 8:25am
  • Easy Pregnancy Kit – Great way for you newly pregnant moms to learn more about Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis and gives you tools to make your pregnancy more enjoyable. (eliminate nausea, sleep better and have affirmations to feel more excited about pregnancy and birth)
  • Hypnobabies Home Study – Awesome Complete Childbirth Class you can do at home.  You will learn all the important information you need about birth and your baby and body.  You will also create powerful tools you can use to stay calm and comfortable during your birth.  Get extra support by joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group!

Sitting in a leaning forward position can help your baby be in an ideal position for birth, leading to a faster, easier birth.  Here are some tools for that!

  • Ortho Wedge Seat Cushion – Stick in your car or on any seat you sit on for long periods of time, to help you be more comfortable AND to encourage your baby into an ideal position.
  • Birth Ball – This is a must have for pregnant and birthing moms.  It is SO comfy to sit on while pregnant and it has been a lifesaver for many moms during their births.  I know I wouldn’t birth without one.   If you are short get a 55 cm, tall a 75cm one and normal height moms a 65cm.  A word of warning, if you have kids, they will think this is a great toy too.   It is fun for them, but scary for you.  ;)

Tips for better sleep – Try listening to your Hypnobabies in bed – many moms listen at night while they fall asleep, or take a “nap” during the day.  Some moms worry because they feel like they fall asleep during practice, most likely they are just in a nice deeply relaxed state, but it is OK if you do , enjoy the extra rest.

  • Body Pillow – Pillows are your new best friends.  I loved my pregnancy pillow, it was easier to maneuver then 4 separate pillows.
  • MP3 player – You can download all your Hypnobabies Scripts onto this player and still have plenty of room for songs or other fun things.  Having all your scripts on and MP3 player makes listening to your Hypnobabies scripts so easy.  Make a playlist of your “homeplay” and easily stay on track.  Having a MP3 player also is great for during your birth!
  • Speakers – It is nice to have the option of listening to your scripts out loud if you want.  If you don’t have an mp3 player, then a CD player is a great option.  If you have a MP3 player that needs to be charged make sure you have a charger at your birth!  Some speakers are also chargers , so that works great.
  • Headphone options

Head Phones – Normal headphones are another way to go.  I personally hate ear buds, so I got these.  I was able to take one ear off and listen while I fell asleep and when I was lying on the bed during part of my birth.  (see my birth video here)

Sleep Phones – Many moms like to listen to their scripts at night while they fall asleep, these sleep phones make it easy and comfy to do so.

Pillow Speaker – Maybe you don’t want headphones of any kind while you are listening in bed.  You can always listen out loud on your great cd player or mp3/speaker set.  Or you can get a pillow speaker.

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