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Top 3 Pregnancy Symptoms

Posted Dec 24 2010 12:45am

If you are thinking it might be time to have a baby, it is good to be prepared by knowing what kind of symptoms and side effects you may experience during your pregnancy. Have you noticed that you have been particularly emotional lately?  Maybe you found yourself crying over a TV commercial because?  Not to worry this is normal.  With the flood of hormones begin generated in your body during the first trimester, you are bound to experience mood swings.  This should level out a bit during the second trimesterStretch marks are another side effect of pregnancy that you might experience.  Stretch marks usually appear as light colored thin lines on areas of your body which experience rapid growth like your belly and your breasts.  Many women are able to prevent this by using a product like Revitol stretch mark cream early in your pregnancy before things begin to stretch.  This will enhance the elasticity of your skin and should minimize or entirely prevent the stretch marks from happening.As if the morning sickness wasn’t enough, heartburn can be another common occurrence during pregnancy.  Heartburn, also knows as acid reflux, is the burning sensation you feel when stomach acids are able to make it up into your esophagus.  There are plenty of medications available for this but not all are safe for pregnancy so women often turn to home remedies for heartburn.  One popular home remedy is to drink a mixture of a teaspoon of baking soda and a half glass of water.  You can also try eating a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt after mealtime or whenever you experience discomfort.Eating several small meals each day rather then three large meals will also help because there is less food to digest at any one time.  This can also help with morning sickness.  Another simple solution is to try not to lie down within an hour or two after eating.  If you do lie down, be sure to prop up your head and upper body with some pillows and let gravity do the work of keeping you stomach acids where they belong. Despite all the possible side effects, if the time is right for you, pregnancy is an amazing thing.  It is absolutely worth all the inconveniences and uncomfortable moments to experience the joy of motherhood.


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