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Tool #3: The Power of Love (Emotional Support) – Personal Love – Enjoy Birth {day 17}

Posted Oct 19 2012 10:00am
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It is important to feel loved in your birthing journey.  Being surrounded by supportive people is helpful every step of the way.  You will find them to be useful “tools” as you make choices and when you are actually birthing they will be there to hold you up and cheer you on

Today I will focus on:

Personal Love

Hopefully you have a wonderful birth partner to be there by your side from beginning to end of your birthing journey.  Having someone there to encourage you throughout your pregnancy and birth is so beneficial.  If you don’t have the support of the father of your baby, find another family member or good friend to serve as your primary birth partner.

Sometimes birth partners don’t know the best way to support moms during birth. Taking a childbirth class is also a wonderful way to prepare your birth partner to help support you.  Hypnobabies is a great choice, because there is a Birth Partner’s Guide to help your birth partner support you through your birth experience.

You should think carefully about whom else you want present to support you during your birth.  Sometimes it is best to limit this support to just your birth partner.  Less may be best.  Having your mom or other family members there may distract you or make it difficult for you to relax.   If you choose to invite them and find that during your birth that you don’t want them there, you can tell your nurse.  They are always willing to play the “bad guy” and kick them out of the room so you don’t have to.

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