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Tool #2: The Power of your Body – Using different positions to harness the power of your body – Enjoy Birth {day 15

Posted Oct 17 2012 11:00am
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Your body knows what to do, and if you can harness its power you will find you have many tools you can use during your birth.  For example:


Changing Positions as you feel led to during your birth allows your baby to move easily down through your pelvis and helps you feel more comfortable.


I had a friend who was having her third baby.  She always had quick, un-medicated births.  When she was telling me about her births, she said how much she hated to be stuck in the bed at the hospital.  I suggested that she get out of the bed and sit on the birth ball instead.  She didn’t know that was an option—the nurses put her in bed and she thought that was where you had to stay.


If you prefer to stand, then stand.  If you feel like walking, then walk.  If you want to sit, then sit.  Know that your body will tell you what position is ideal, and just follow what your body wants!  (Even if a mom is being monitored, she can be out of bed – just nearby).


What are some different types of positions to try?


  • Upright – standing-walking-swaying, sitting, squatting, rocking
  • Hands and Knees – leaning against back of bed, resting on ball, on hands and knees
  • Resting – side lying down, birth ball and rest on bed.


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