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Today Show Smacks of Media Sensationalism

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
The Today's Show with Peter Alexander aired the "Perils of Homebirth" on 09/11 and featured a couple whose homebirth ended in a stillborn baby. I feel for them, I truly truly do. There can be nothing more heartwrenching than loosing a baby.

But, this report is incomplete and leaves people with a strong slant toward the evil of home birth without the whole story. We don't know what led up to the babies demise, if an OB would have caught the problem (as home birth midwives monitor similarly to OBs), etc... and worse of all, the ACOG is capitalizing on this couple's grief!

In addition, it is, simply, a ridiculous article that seeks to undermine the intelligence of the public by giving shoddy journalism by way of insinuation, incomplete information, and the like.

Code Mec! Code Mec! - Rixa wrote it best - go read there for many more linkies to additional favorite reads. Go there after watching the below video and see why my Journalism prof is rolling over in his grave right now.

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