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Today's appointment

Posted Apr 20 2009 11:37pm
8:00am - We had SUCH a great appointment today!!! We got to see Chase in 3D and it was so amazing. He was moving around and still has his little hand up at his face!! We saw him yawn and smile, which was just so sweet. He was also sucking his thumb and kept resting his hand/fingers on his nose. It was incredible!!! And, his head is SO low!! The tech saw he was practicing his breathing and his heart rate was 145 bpm, which were right on track. We got so many pics printed off for us......26 3D pics and one regular pic! We had so many they actually gave us a plastic little holder to keep them in! The only downside is we were hoping the prints would have been in "color", but they were all black and white like regular ultrasound pics.....for $100 I was hoping to get at least ONE color 3D pic! Oh well......the pics we did get were great, plus we got the whole thing on dvd! My pressure was good; 124/90. The nurse made me lay on my left side because of the bottom number being 90, but the OB said that was a normal number for me since I have chronic hypertension. We go back this Friday for a NST, then we go back next Monday for another ultrasound to get measurements. I *think* we'll be doing weekly appointments starting next week, and not twice a week....I love seeing Chase so much, but I feel bad that Z has to lose a few hours from work to go with us. (although, he still gets great hours at work so it's not so bad, I guess) We also found out that when I am 38 weeks they will check Chase's lung maturity and my cervix and if all looks good they will induce!!! That is in 7 weeks!!! Photobucket

*OH!! I forgot!! I got my results back from my A1C test and it is now 5.8!!! Photobucket It was up to 7.1 when I found out I was pregnant back in October, so it's much better!!! I also forgot to do the 24 hour urine test yesterday, ( Photobucket ) so I have to make sure I do that this Thursday and turn it in on Friday.

And now, here is our little can see him sucking his thumb in these two pics.....

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