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To paint or not to paint? (Adam's post)

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
That is the question!

For those who do not have the background, Karma and I moved into a new house in November and spent every God*forsaken spare moment of the first three weeks panting every visible surface in the place. The last room that we painted (not including kitchen cabinets) was the future nursery. For this room Karma choose a colour called 'french toast'. Unfortunately, it does in fact look a lot like french toast. Not the great golden brown that you would find at a brunch spot on Queen St., but rather the kind of gross yellow of the soggy french toast you would expect to find at Den.ny's (no offense to Den.ny's). I expressed concern regarding this particular colour choice at every possible opportunity...but my concerns fell on deaf ears.

In fairness, I express a lot of concerns, and I am sure that Karma considers it background noise at times. After cleaning, repairing, sanding, cleaning again, taping, priming, painting and painting again, Karma decided that I was right, and the colour was disgusting. So now we are trying to decide if we will repaint, or if we can make the room attractive with furniture, accents and other baby related stuff. Personally, I would rather pull my thumbnails out than paint this room again, and I think that our little bean will love her room even if it does slightly resemble the pureed yams that she will be regurgitating on a regular basis. Karma however, is moving dangerously close to the the repainting side, and so I need a little help from all of you.

At the side of the blog you will find a poll where you can have your say. Each person should only vote once, no matter how much Karma tries to persuade you.....Krista and Ange that means you! If you are cruel enough to suggest that we repaint...please leave us with a colour suggestion that you think will be soothing for our little girl. For those who are thinking of offering up some help, you should know that I am a little obsessive about my paint jobs, and I am not responsible for the state of our friendship upon job completion.

Happy voting!


***Note from Karma***
Ok, so I found this adorable chandelier at Land of Nod (a US company) and love, love, love it. It would actually work great in our yellow room...Adam may get his way after all!

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