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Tips for Egg Donor Agencies Part 1: Cycle Information

Posted Dec 26 2008 12:00am
In a perfect world, there would be at least a little uniformity among donor and surrogate agency web sites. I visit over 50 agency web sites daily. With the frequency that I visit these sights I have become familiar with where to find specific information and how to make the most of the pictures that are available. Common mistakes that many agencies make. This is the first in a series of blogs on areas agencies can work on to increase the number of matches they make each year.
  • Cycle information

Though most agencies try and make this information easy to find others organize the donor's profile information in a way that seems logical for their site though it may not be intuitive to the intended parents who are searching their site. I would love to suggest that agencies attempt to adopt a more unified method for presenting their donors. It would not only help intended parents find the donor they want on the agencies site it would also improve their number of matches each year. Therefore quickly paying for the expense they might incur to make these changes.

Having developed four donor agencies and consulted with many others I realize that agencies are often limited by the information that is available to them. I know that if a donor is a repeat donor who has done a cycle with an agency across the country she may not have access to her cycle information. I also know that some clinics will not reveal the success of that cycle because it is considered to be private to the couple who worked with the donor. This can of course pose a problem. I recommend you network as much as possible to create friendly relationships with both agencies and clinics. I have found that if you know someone you can often get at least a nod in the right direction even if you can't obtain detailed information.

I have found that the more information intended parents have regarding an egg donor the more the couple can feel comfortable moving forward with her. I'll talk in more detail regarding the other topics listed above in a few days.

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