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This post brought to you by happy happy joy joy and all that stuff

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:40pm
rainbow unicorn

Chance demanded, I tell you, she DEMANDED that I deliver today's news with fluffy bunnies and rainbows and butterflies and the like. Tash mentioned something about rainbow-farting unicorns, so umm....yeah. Here we go. With like, sprinkles and stuff.


Hi! I'm Reproducina the Rainbow-Farting Unicorn! My flatulent emissions smell like Skittles and are delivered with a puffy cloud of lucky glitter! This is my sidekick Fertie the Fuzzy Fertili-Bunny! *squeaky giggles* We're here to make the splendiferous announcemnt that our friend Apollo has injected 10,000 units of human chorionic gonadotropin into our lovely Chance's derrier tonight at approxinately ten o'clock! Happy Trigger Day! *wheee!!!*

We're absoposolutely SURE that Tuesday morning's retrieval will be the! Best!EVER! Chance has somewhere around 15-16 mature follicles, so we're sending all of our magic fertilenergy to the waiting petri dishes for a super-duper culture of super-duper blastocysts! *twinkle*

Transfer will be either Friday or Sunday into Kym's plushy paradise lining! Yippppeeee!

So, gals - muster up every ounce of rainbow-sprinkled positivilicious love and send it to Kym and Chance! If you've been a lurker, now would be a spiffy time to pop in and give a cheerful hello and good luck to the Terrific Twosome! They need all the fluffy joy joy and well-wishes that they can get! Here's our goodnight message to everyone: Photobucket




I totally think I just threw up a little in my subfertile mouth. Seriously, though - any and all postive thoughts are welcome. We both thank you greatly for the love and humor you've given us thus f ar.

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