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This and that

Posted May 12 2009 6:15pm
Some quick thoughts and updates, bullet style:

  • We have paid for our FET cycle. Just over $6,000 for precycle physical, storage fees and the actual cycle. We will be transferring (if the embryo survives the thaw at a 60% chance) toward the end of June. Here we go!
  • The last two nights are showing some progress in weening LB from nursing in the middle of the night. She is still crying some but not trying as hard to nurse. I don't know whether to be happy about that or sad that she has given up on me so easily.
  • Miss Leah took some pictures of LB. She is experimenting with photoshop and LB's eyes aren't quite realistic in some of them, but I still love the pics. Peruse her blog and you will see the adorable Miss Maya. Thanks Leah!
  • I am entertaining the idea of cycling with my own eggs in June and then adding in the frozen DE embryo. If it were free, I would have no hesitation. It isn't likely to work, but would be nice to try. It would cost about $6000 more than the FET and the cost of the drugs. I am hoping I know enough people to get some or all of the drugs for low / no cost.
  • Does anyone have a copy of Medications and Mother's Milk? If so, could you let me know what it says about FSH and generelix?
  • This is why I don't trust that vaccinations are the best choice for my precious snowflake. “Relationships between physicians, researchers and drug companies are ubiquitous in every aspect of medical education, medical research and patient care,” Campbell says. It’s hard to find other fields "in which relationships with [industry] are so pervasive.”
  • How's the weather where you live? It has been many, many days since we got some sun and temperatures over the upper 50's.
That's all for now. I should at least be looking productive at work.
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