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things never to do with two under two

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:18pm

There is a time and place for everything. But when you have two under two, there are certain things/places you just shouldn't attempt. Believe us, you have been forewarned should you try to attempt any of these.

Never attempt Ikea by yourself, or for that matter, at all. You may be lured in by all the Swedish names and fun colors. Don't let their kid friendly-place fool you. Ikea is not for your right now. Someday soon, when your kids can be dropped off in the babysitting ball pit than it might be your bag, but not now. Not even with the 99 cent meatballs.

Never go to the library. I'm not sure whose great idea it was to have story hour at the library for two year olds, but generally speaking, I have yet to ever meet a mother who thinks this is a good activity for both her kids until the youngest is about three, or maybe even four. LIbraries are quiet. Babies are not. Libraries invoke learning and while your toddler wants to learn, his idea of learning is running through the stacks tearing down books. No two year old will sit quietly for storyhour and no baby will either.

Never pass up a high chair at a restaurant. No matter how well your toddler may sit at home in her chair, if you're out with both kids, never pass up an opportunity to have everyone strapped in.

Never attempt the Department of Motor Vehicles with your kids. I don't care how many fun activities you brought along for you kids, DMV meets waiting. Waiting means someone is bound to have explosive poo, need to eat or fall on their face at some point. Nevermind the fact that you're trying to keep all your papers organized and look like a role model citizen.

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