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These People Should NOT Be Parents

Posted Dec 23 2008 2:37pm

Let there be peace!

There was an article in our local paper on Sunday. It was about a 3 year old boy and a grocery store called Shoprite.
Basically, this white trash Nazi family is pissed off at Shoprite because they wanted to get their son a birthday cake and Shoprite refused to put the name on the cake. Why? The boy’s name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. Shoprite did agree to write “Happy Birthday” and leave a blank for the name to be filled in later.

The parents are 25 and 30 and both are living off disability for “bad backs”. Their house is full of Nazi paraphernalia and their other kids are named Joycelynn Arayn Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

The parents claim their kids will not be brought up hating anybody and they “are just names”.  However, the father admits to being raised by guardians who taught him to distrust blacks and who beat him. And for some reason he can’t see the apple doesn’t fall far  from the tree?

This whole thing pisses me off. First of all, those kids are being bred to hate and that is a serious form of child abuse. Second, if they are living off social security, why are they buying a birthday cake instead of making one? Third, nobody puts their child’s middle name on a cake. By them adding the middle name, they are trying to get some sort of rise out of the store. If they just asked for Adolf to be put on, I don’t think Shoprite would have minded. I honestly think these people are trashy and trying to find someone to sue to supplement the social security checks.

Some people say that Shoprite is wrong and are accusing them of discrimination and breaking freedom of speech. Some people are also saying “It’s not the 3 year old’s fault and he should have the right to a birthday cake.” Well, Shoprite never refused to make the cake, they just felt uncomfortable with the name. Not only is the name offensive to their employees but what about if other customers saw it? Why should a store lose business because some idiot hate monger names their child something so offensive? Personally, I am behind Shoprite and plan to shop there more often.

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