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Thermostat Salon Hair Steamer

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

Hello Ladies,
today I am doing my review for my new hair steamer. After going to many hair forums and other black hair care blogs and sites. I decided to go ahead and invest in a steamer. Needless to say I was very nervous and excited at the same time.

I purchased my steamer from Salon R Us, but I purchased it on ebay, because I had a coupon that needed to be used (I literally had one day left to use it). So it went from $139.99 to 129.99 and the shipping was free. And they shipped it so fast as well. To me it was a pretty good sign that I was making the right choice.

I am originally from Miami, but now reside in New Mexico, which is really dry, and since it is really cold now (and it snows here as well). The weather on top of my pregnancy has been pretty rough on my hair. My hair as with most pregnant women is really really thick right now. And it is also really dry. I have been trying to stretch my perms, and I was really desperate because I heard that the steamers really help in softening your new growth. Before the pregnancy I was doing well with stretching for 9-10 weeks. But now I have been struggling to make it through 6.

Well Ladies, this simple machine is a GOD SEND!

On my first try using the steamer I noticed that after air drying my hair, that it was the softest I ever remember it being, specifically since being here in New Mexico. And I hadn't used my moisturizing lotions or oils yet. Later that night I simply moisturized my hair then put on my silk scarf and went to bed. The next morning my hair was straight as if I had styled it with a flat iron before going to bed. My really thick new growth was showing still, but for the first time since the pregnancy it was actually laying down. So to compare later that week on my co-wash day I did not use my steamer just make sure it wasn't a fluke, and my hair was back to it's normal dry unruly self (I swear this is the worst pregnancy hair I ever had). So Saturday for Valentines Day. I did my steam treatment again, and this time followed it with my GVP flat iron. My hair was so shiny and soft even my dear hubby commented on it, and kept touching it. So that night I moisturized and did a sloppy wrap (sorry but I am tired) and put my silk scarf on. This morning my hair was even straighter and softer than yesterday. It's very obvious that the steamer opens your hair cuticles and makes it more receptive to moisturizers, and it's not just while you under the steamer. But for me it lasts more than a day. I am still trying to see how long. But I know for the rest of this pregnancy no more washes without my steamer.

There was a big debate on one forum I went to about whether to use a plastic cap or not, my logic was that it would be more effective without one. And the lady who won the debate, who was a professional hair stylist, thought so as well. I would definitely recommend that if you decide not to use a cap, that you buy an Elastic Spa Band which you can find at Sallys. Because the water from the steam will be rolling down your forhead. I put mine right on my hairline.

Update: I have come to the conclusion that the steaming effects last until you wash it. I was also having a problem with breakage and shedding and I have noticed since using the steamer I no longer have this problem. So this is definitely a permanent staple in my regimen.

Also there are two settings on the steamer I for low steam and II for high steam.

For info on the discount extended to my readers click here.

Get it while it lasts.

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