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The Votes Are In

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:59am

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Me! I won the first ever limerick chicks contest! Who would've thought that the word 'scabies' would seal the deal? Certainly not me. But seriously, thank you everyone for voting for me. It was pretty tough to choose just one limerick when there were so many great ones. Thank you to Lori for bringing the contest to life. And thank you to everyone who participated alongside me. It was great fun to let my imagination wander!

It was such a great pick-me-up this morning. I've been battling a nasty head cold for the past two days. My head feels like it might separate from my shoulders and just float up to the sky like a balloon. My ears have even been popping from the pressure. And my nose is raw from wiping away my snot bubbles a gazillion times. I've been doped off of cold meds though so it is making it easier to deal. I missed my step class tonight to recover. So much for getting into an exercise routine. It seems my body is making excuses for me so I don't have to. Needless to say, this little award made me smile at a time when I really needed it.

As far as my prize goes, I have now received 1/2 off the price of an adoption profile review. While DH and I have considered adoption, it is more so in the distant rather than near future. Therefore, I would like to donate this prize to someone who could use it. I'm not quite sure how to choose someone though. First come first serve could always work as a last resort but I would like to be a bit more creative. Does anyone have any ideas?

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