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The vomit is back ...

Posted Jun 08 2011 12:00am

"Back" is technically not the right word, since I never actually assumed that it was really "gone." However, there has been shockingly little vomiting going on in our house for the last several months. We really haven't had a streak of bad vomiting episodes since Amaya got off her crazy dairy-free diet in Feburary. Sure, there's been a random vomit every week or two - but that's NOTHING compared to the amount of vomiting that has been plaguing our house since the girls were born.

Well, last week has been a different story - and I don't quite know what's going on! First, there was Liana who threw up her entire dinner from crying so hard after she bumped her head on the couch table. Annoying, but not really that unusual. Then a few days later, Amaya (who's been having a really hard time falling asleep at night) also cried herself into such a frenzy in her crib that she proceeded to vomit all over me and herself when I picked her up. A little more concerning since that seems to be a learned behavior that she reverts to every so often ... but unfortunately also not that unusual.
Then today, both of them vomited :( Amaya threw up her entire lunch in her high-chair and I don't even know why. I think she probably gagged on something she ate (which is usually what happens) but I didn't even see it, I just saw her starting to throw up. And tonight right before bed (and after I had given both of them a bath), Liana threw up HER entire dinner - again for no apparent reason. I've dealt with so many vomits over the past 2 years that I'm usually very good about keeping the vomiting kid comfortable but also trying to get them to vomit somewhere that will ease clean up a little bit - like over the high chair tray or the kitchen sick. Tonight, however, I had both girls on my lap reading a book and we were sitting on the carpeted nursery floor. There was absolutely nothing to do but let her vomit ALL over herself, me, and the carpet. And even though projectile breast milk vomits were pretty annoying, too - as the girls get older they are obviously consuming more food (and usually vomit right after they eat). And let me tell you: cleaning up mounts (literally!) of chunky, half-digested toddler food is exactly as disgusting as it sounds. I actually had to take a shower tonight after the girls were finally cleaned up and in bed, I was so grossed out by all the puke. (And in between those two vomits, Liana had pooped in the bath tup and Amaya had peed on the carpet - but that's for another day ....)

As far as I can tell, neither of the girls are sick or getting sick - although I would much prefer that to the random reoccurrence of the vomit-insanity we've lived in for so long. We've stopped given the girls their acid-blocker medication in Germany because at first, I was simply too jet-lagged to remember to give it to them, and after they'd been without it for a week and had no symptom, I saw no reason to resume. I'm not really wild about the idea of both of them being on medication long-term that they don't really need, you know! That was 6 weeks ago and I'm really hesitant to believe that their vomiting NOW could have anything to do with it, but if it doesn't get better, I'd obviously try giving them their meds again. Time will tell. For the last year or so, however, the girls have had phases where they have vomited a lot and then periods when they hardly vomited at all ... so I'm just hoping that the vomit-phases are becoming fewer and far between!

The end on a much cuter note (no pun intended :)) - you have to check out this insanely cute rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" by Liana. She has been singing it for days and I've been trying to get it on video for the same amount of time. So excuse the avocado-smeared face and the fact that she's rather mumbling the words ... this was already the 2nd time she's sung it in a row. Enjoy!

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