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The uterus...

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm
Some of you have noticed the uterus picture on the left of my blog. This picture represents what my uterus looks like. The uterine anomaly is called a bicornuate uterus (BU). A BU is found in .1 - .5% of women living in the U.S. although the numbers may not be very accurate because many uterine anomalies go undetected.

It happened when I was in utero and my uterus was fusing together. Instead of making a complete fuse - it stopped in the middle, leaving me with two horns or also known as a heart shaped uterus. I prefer to say that I have two hearts instead of two horns. It just sounds better.

How does this affect my chances of having a baby? (According to Wiki) - When I do get pregnant, I have a 63% chance of carrying without miscarriage. Within that 63% chance, I have a 15 - 25% chance of having a preterm baby. The longest term I have read about was 38 weeks. This is because the baby runs out of room to grow and the uterus can't stretch anymore. There is also a very good chance that my baby will be breech because he/she won't be able to flip in such a small space.

Getting pregnant with twins would be a nightmare. There simply would not be enough room in my uterus for two. The only way twins would thrive in my uterus is if one was in each 'horn'. I've read a few stories about this - one woman with a bicornuate got pregnant with twins (one on each side of her uterus) and delivered two healthy babies at 38 weeks! Another woman got pregnant the same way but delivered at 24 weeks. She lost one of her babies but the other one made it.

It sounds so scary, doesn't it? Well I have done my research and I've been checked out by my OB and an RE for this condition. They all say that I should be able to carry without issues to at least 32 weeks. There have been many successful pregnancies from women with a bicornuate and I hope to be one of them.

So to summarize...

This is your uterus (Ahhh so pretty)-

This is a bicornuate uterus (my second heart)-

Any questions?
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