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The things I'll miss, and the things I won't.

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am
It's really hit me how fast Addison has changed over the past year. I can't even imagine who she'll be by next Christmas, or what she'll be doing. That is one great thing about having a child - you are so forced to live in the present. There are not many things in our life that make sure we're living in the here and now.

So having said that, there are definitely things I miss about her younger self, and other things I'm happy to say, "See ya later!" to. Here's my somewhat comprehensive list:

What I'll miss:
  • Her gummy grin - nothing like that.
  • The little buddha she used to be - she was so rolly polly this time last year.
  • Her warm and cuddly-ness when she would fall asleep as a newborn.
  • The way she would belly laugh at the most innate a spoon, or Quincy's tail.
  • The first time she crawled, and took a step. Big milestones we never get back, but are grateful to have caught on video!
  • How she used to just like there, cooing away, while I changed her diaper (it used to be SO easy).
  • The stage she's in now: She's so fun right now. This is an amazing age.
  • The first time she tasted "real" food. It was so cute to watch her slurp it off the spoon.
  • How she'll give us hugs when we ask, or kiss us with a big "MMMMMMM" sound.
  • The ability to put her in a bouncy chair, playpen, jolly jumper or bumbo without having to worry how she might be getting into trouble.
  • All her adorable words and the way she says them. My faves right now are when she says "pretty" and then brushes down her hair, or when she announces, "all done!" and raises her arms or hands you her plate/cup/food item. Her language is amazing right now.
  • How she sings with me while we drive. She chimes in with "la la la la la" through nearly every song, although her faves right now are anything by Raffi, "You are my sunshine" and the Do-Re-Mi song. I sing those A LOT in the car.
  • How easy it is for her to love her mommy and daddy. I know in the future, when she's a tween/teen, it isn't going to be quite as sweet as it is right now.
  • How she'll hold my hand - those warm little fingers clutching mine makes my heart melt.
What I'll be happy to leave behind:
  • The everyday fight to get the diaper changed, the clothes put on, the jacket/mitts/hat done up, and to get her in anything where she's strapped in (car seat/stroller).
  • How hard it is to get her to brush her teeth - I know this seems like such a small thing but it makes me CRAZY that she won't let me brush her teeth.
  • The diapers - I look forward to the end of diapers.
  • The food ups and downs. Right now she's on a tzatziki kick. She literally ate a cup of it last night, with a spoon, and wouldn't eat anything else. She kept asking for "MORE" while signing it at the same time.
  • I have to say I'm happy I'm no longer breastfeeding, although that one has been done for a long time now. It was never easy, or bonding for us, and while I'm glad I did it, I'm also glad it's over.
  • The newborn fear. I spent those first few months monitoring nearly every breath at night. Now we don't always use the monitor. Nice!
  • The need for a highchair, bib, little itty-bitty cutlery, sippy cups, bottles, homo milk, play pen, crib, stroller, car seat, diaper bag, diapers, wipes, and any other gear I'm not thinking about.
So because we know Addie will be it for us, I'm enjoying all of it as it happens. We take lots of photos and video (although we could probably do even more) and have great memories of her ages and stages. I try not to spend a lot of time feeling sad by how quickly she's growing up - what's the point? That means I'm going to be 'sad' about that for the next 18+ years! I'm just going to watch in amazement, and love every second of it.
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