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The Prezzie Place - 5 Star Customer Service from Friendly Family Run Gift Company

Posted Mar 26 2010 12:00am

Angel-of-god-water-globe My little sister (well, she's 12 years younger than me so I believe that qualifies!) gave birth to her first baby a couple of weeks ago. Like lots of new aunties, I was thrilled there was a new baby in the family and wanted to buy the little girl something unique she could treasure forever.

I decided upon a musical water globe fairly quickly, but wanted something a little bit different from the norm. I was delighted when I found just what I was after via Amazon and sold by UK family run company, The Prezzie Place

I've always loved (and by that I mean really loved) the prayer "Angel of God, My Guardian Dear" and as a child owned a little framed picture of a baby girl in her cot gazing up at an angel picture on her bedroom wall. So, Baby Braham's Lullaby Musical Globe (pictured) had real meaning for me.

After placing my order it arrived very quickly, within just a couple of days and I opened it to examine it with great excitement. It was just as beautiful as I'd imagined it would be and was just perfect for my baby niece.

But... (and I wish there wasn't a but here!)

Sadly, the people who had made the product had made a bit of a mess with the print on it and as a consequence I realised I'd have to return it.

Now, I hate the bother of filling out returns forms but Amazon usually make it as easy as possible. Because I'd purchased through them, all emails between me and any Amazon seller must go via Amazon - which is good in that you feel there's third party involvement if required.

However, I needn't have worried.

The owner of The Prezzie Place, Nikki, couldn't have been more professional or swift than what she was.

I'd hardly had time to finish my cup of tea before she replied apologising deeply for the problem with the product and letting me know she'd personally inspect its replacement. The only problem now was that I didn't check my mail until later in the day and in the meantime had headed into town and had purchased something else for the baby (a Hey Diddle Diddle money box with a cow jumping over the moon and a little cat playing the fiddle from Belleek in case you were wondering!)

Well, I was so impressed by Nikki and her speedy response that I thought the company deserved a mention here. As a self-employed mum I know just how hard it is to make a living when you work for yourself and I also recognise the importance of valuing and being courteous to your customers and clients.

The Prezzie Place delivered the highest level of customer service. They didn't question me at all or keep me waiting around for a response but just asked for an image of the problem which took me all of 5 minutes. It meant they could alert their supplier about the fault and meant my refund could be processed quickly.

It also made a nice change to see that I was so valued even though I had to ask Nikki not to send me a replacement as I'd already bought something else.

It's nice to be able to return the favour to The Prezzie Place. 

Although I haven't yet made another purchase from them, I will have no hesitation in doing so in future if I find something I want... and I certainly have no problem in recommending them to you. Their product range is very special with lots of unusual things you may not find elsewhere, their prices are very competitive and best of all, their customer service rivals that of some of the biggest high street names. For The Prezzie Place, the customer is the jewel in their crown and valued accordingly :) 

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