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The Pediatrician's Office Can Suck It

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:15pm
We've been with the same pediatrician's office for over 9 years. I picked them after I had Kaylee, mostly because they are less than a mile away from our house. It also helped that while the doctors constantly change, they have also all been good caring people I've been comfortable with.

However, if things continue in the same fashion as they did for Jocelyn's 2 year well visit, I may have to start looking elsewhere.

I called for the appointment in late August. I had never in the past been unable to get a well visit scheduled within a week or so. I said the day did not matter, but the appointment would have to be after 4pm or anytime on Saturdays. First appointment they could give me? More than 3 weeks later. On a Friday at 7pm. I knew this was going to be trouble, since 7pm is bedtime. But what else could I do? I took the appointment.

We showed up at 6:50 since there are always forms to fill out. Jocelyn waited patiently until 7:15 and then her crankiness began to start showing. I distracted her as best as possible and was finally called back at 7:25. Jocelyn was not pleased.

She was further annoyed when she learned she had to stand on the big kid scale. With her shoes off. Taking her shoes off meant she was stuck there and she just wasn't going to have it. Full on screaming now, she was weighed and measured. 27 pounds and 34 3/4 inches.

She calmed down slightly (as in her screaming was a touch less shrill) as we were taken into an exam room. I answered questions and then stripped her down to her diaper. Now she was full on pissed. She bit me. Hard. The marks lasted hours. The nurse left saying the doctor would be in soon. It was 7:30.

At 7:50, after constant screaming like she was on fire, the doctor graced us with her presence. She examined my screaming, hitting, thrashing child and decided she was normally willful and completely healthy. She said she would send in 2 nurses to give her the shots since she was being uncooperative and one nurse just wasn't going to cut it. She left and we waited.

And waited.



We waited. The nurses came in at 8:10. She got a shot in each leg and FINALLY stopped screaming. For a minute. And then screamed some more while I dressed her. And then eventually stopped screaming for the night once we ran to the car.

We were home at 8:15. When she had an ice pop and then went to bed. And then I had a beer. And another. And another. You catch my drift.

The wait at the pediatrician's office has never been spectacular, but this was just insane. My normally slightly disagreeable child was obviously going to have a meltdown of epic proportions when kept waiting for 25 minutes, and then 20 minutes, and then another 10 minutes. All to get shots she didn't want in the first place. Almost a hour of standing around at a pediatrician's office is pure torture. It got to the point that I just let her scream her head off. I thought maybe someone would eventually come check to see if everything was all right. Yeah, no.

Luckily for Jocelyn, she doesn't need to go back for another year. I am less lucky as I have to take Lorelei for her 9 month appointment next month. She is the child of sunny disposition (at least at this stage) and will be fine with an hour wait. I will not. If this happens again, I will in most likelihood be pediatrician shopping.
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