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The latest stupid craze. Go on school camp & go on the pill.

Posted Jul 23 2013 10:09pm

by mnfadmin on July 22, 2013


Since when did going on school camp be a reason for prescribing the pill? Seems the latest 'craze' (and I say that because its crazyness at it's best if you ask me) is to 'pop' young girls on the pill at the time of school camps to stop the annoyance of a period whilst these young women are away.

If you can't tell, this makes me so upset – I actually cried when somebody told me.  Ok I get it – periods are inconvenient. But they make us women, they are a necessary event your bodies perform in it's cleverness to cleanse and they are, above all a sign that you are healthy and fertile.  May seem harmless but ask any woman who come off the pill and busting for her ovaries to work again and NOTHING works.  Ask her what she could tell her 16 year old self.  I bet it would be a very loud 'noooooooo' just don't.

And for some, I'm sure, being allowed on the pill would be exciting – almost a loop hole perhaps?  And what's not to say she then stays on it long term from then on – because why not?  Reality is, 16 year old girls aren't generally aware of their bodies – they're still growing into them and this my fertile friends is something we only have ourselves as women to blame.   We've lost the communication, we've lost exploring and understanding our bodies as women – it's a subject that isn't spoken very openly about at 16.  We've lost sharing as women, about our bodies – to nurture this relationship is the key to future generations fertile health.

I can hear some of you saying 'its surely better than an unwanted pregnancy' but here within lies the problem.  A girl going on the pill at 16 never really gets to understand her body, what it is communicating and why.  I know at 16 it's all embarrassing and a taboo subject and that's really the issue. We don't openly talk about these key ingredients to being a woman – mostly because we've disconnected from ourselves that much.  But the key to women better understanding their health is information.  Learning and understanding exactly what is going on – when you're fertile and when your not.  

You may have recently seen my debunking ovulation events.  The response to these sessions has blown me over. Women are absolutely devouring the information I'm sharing and teaching. These same women would have benefited from this information far more in their teens! And despite what your sex Ed class taught you – you're most probably not ovulating on cycle day 14 and no you can't get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory sperm.  It's just not possible.  Debunking it all is where it is at (for details of the next event click here  - there are just 12 tickets left until it is sold out).

Educating young women and helping them to become comfortable with their fertility is the key to world wide future health for women.  It's only now we're beginning to learn the ramifications of use of the pill and decoding our bodies whispers. Using the pill to treat acne isn't a solution. You've heard it here before – same goes for painful periods. And please know this – it's definitely NOT a solution for lack of ovulation as almost all GP's would disagree.  

So excuse my rant – it simply saddens my heart so much to hear of the total disregard for fertility and what is simply a natural function of a healthy woman's body. I hope you know somebody who may benefit from this.

Being healthy can sometimes be hard. Taking charge of your own health – even harder but nobody will ever suffer from too much information.  It's time we faced our fears, faced fertility and started sharing and understanding more of this stuff.  I'd love to hear what you think about this – would you have gone on the pill had you know it's affects on your body?  Let's create some healthy discussion below because I know so many people benefit from sharing and caring.

AND before I go – want to you best understand your body AND pass on this information to your daughters, friends, sisters, aunts and mothers?  My Debunking Ovulation event is going on the road and the first stop is Adelaide!  All the details are here – we're heading to Adelaide on the 7th of September for this very important event to share my message far and wide.  Help me spread my message please – tell everybody you know because really, it's one of the most important things you'll ever learn.  

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