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The Joys Of Lactating

Posted Nov 06 2008 9:44pm

Part of being pregnant means lactating.  I’ve always had over productive boobs.  I knew I was pregnant with my second because my boobs were leaking.  The year or so before I got pregnant with this baby, my boobs would leak around my period making me wonder if I was pregnant.  Well, this pregnancy has by far been my milkiest. Is that a word? When you are lactating, wearing T-shirts without a bra will most likely result in wet shirts. I sleep in a T shirt and for the last 2 months, I have been waking up with wet shirts.

I could sleep in my bra and nursing pads but oh I’m not ready for that. So, for now I just deal with it. More laundry but more comfort. Face it, being 7 months pregnant is uncomfortable to begin with. I don’t want to sleep in a bra, thank you.

I have heard that a sports bra can help but I just don’t want to do that. Perhaps sleeping in a tang top under my t shirt wold help too but then id be too hot. I just don’t have any solutions for early lactating  that works for me, except dealing with it and doing more laundry.  I will be sleeping in my bra when the baby is born and my milk comes in but until then, I will change my shirt.

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