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The Fertility Attack Plan

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

I've been doing a lot of research and have spoken to a lot of people recently, all in the hopes of figuring out our fertility attack plan for lack of a better term. We've looked into every option available to us without the benefit of health insurance and this is what we have come up with.

From day 2 to day 6 of my cycle I will be taking Clomid. I ovulate without a problem but the miscarriages could be caused by poor egg development and Clomid can help in that area. We run the risk of multiples since I already ovulate on my own, but we already accepted that reality when I got pregnant with twins before the first miscarriage. Without insurance it will cost approximately $60 for 50 generic pills, a six cycle supply.

As the Clomid can cause your cervical mucus to dry up, we will be investing in PreSeed to use during the actual baby making sex. That costs about $15 for a 6 pack, which is pretty will probably last 1 cycle of active trying to conceive.

I will also be taking ovulation tests to determine exactly where in my cycle I am ovulating. You can buy them in bulk at and get 50 OPKs and 15 HPTs for about $50. That should last 6 cycles.

After I ovulate I will be taking generic Prometrium to beef up my progesterone levels. I was going to buy the over the counter progesterone cream, but since we a re almost positive this is where the cause of the miscarriages comes from and the doctor said there is no harm in having to much progesterone, just too little, we figured we should use something a little stronger. Without insurance this will cost about $45 for 30 pills, a 2 cycle supply if I do not become pregnant. If I do become pregnant, I will continue taking these until the second trimester.

Also after I ovulate, I will begin taking Bayer baby aspirin to aid in any blood clotting disorders I may have. A bottle of 108 pills runs about $7 and will last many months.

Doing the math, our fertility attack plan should cost us about $58 per unsuccessful cycle. Once pregnant, I will only need the progesterone so costs will drop to about $45 per month. And once I get pregnant I will get my insurance back so I will only have to pay out of pocket for the progesterone for about 2 months. The plan is very much less expensive than I thought it would be. The only downfall to the plan is the initial investment to buy some of these things in bulk, which will be about $229 which we just don't have lying around.

This is why I will be purchasing these items as I get the money and we will not begin trying again until we have everything we need. We figure by the time we have the money, order everything and it is shipped here, it will be around late August. For this reason we are taking a break until the whenever a new cycle starts in September.

Being that it is not yet June, it seems like as awful long time to wait. But I figure, I have already been pregnant 3 times in the past year, about 7 months out of this past year. My body could use the break anyway. Plus, all that pregnancy never ended up in a baby so if a little more waiting can make that even a bit more of a possibility, I'm gonna have to just do it.

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