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The end of an era ....

Posted Jan 09 2010 12:00am

This week marked the end of another era: I had to start supplementing with formula. So sad!! Because of the girls' prematurity, they need to get 2 bottles of fortified breast milk every day. So on top of breastfeeding them 3 times a day, I also pump 3 times a day to hopefully express enough milk for their two bottles (which I then fortify with special Neosure formula). For the last 2 months or so, I sometimes wouldn't be able to pump quite enough to fill their two bottles, or on some days when I was teaching at the Y or otherwise gone, they needed to get an extra one. Thankfully, however, I literally had a freezer full of bags of frozen breast milk from the days when the girls where in the NICU and only receiving milliliters of breast milk (but I was pumping 25-30oz each day!).
My goal was to make my freezer stash last until the girls were 9 months old, so that they would not need to receive any straight forumla for 3/4 of their first year. I totally would have made it, too - but then the stomach virus hit me hard last weekend and while I was unable to breastfeed and hardly pump (because I was so dehydrated), we literally went through ALL of my remaining freezer stash. So sad! So on Monday, I had to make 8 oz of formula, which I mixed with whatever I had pumped for their bottles. I think the girls cared less than I did and are obviously going to do just great like the millions of formula-fed babies out there :) But it was still a sad day for mommy.

We did have a little bout with constipation over the last few days, however. I gave them both some water and fed them pears for lunch. Liana has since cleared her system, but Amaya is still working on it :) We gave her some prune juice this morning, so hopefully that will help. Bjorn went out and bought them their first sippy cups last night, as it is about time to start practicing with those - and that way, they'll hopefully get enough extra water in their system to help with it.

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