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The Eastern Science Way of Mapping the Menstrual Cycle

Posted Jan 24 2011 9:22am

If one thinks that everything about the menstrual cycle is known then there is a whole new point of view to been deciphered.

The western viewpoint on the menstrual cycle is well-known by many however it is not the sole one.

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has a diverse perspective on the menstrual cycle and maternity. Here is the TCM way elucidated week after week of the reproductive cycle.

Week 1 – Menses
Due to drop in progesterone-estrogen levels, the hypothalamus is signalled to produce a hormone which elicits uterine wall shedding that causes the onset of bleeding.
TCM Approach
Yin-&-Yang are contrasting forces within the body which require to be balanced for maintaining ideal health. Such duo forces are constantly at play in all objects. Yin is precisely described as a force that nourishes, moistens and cools the body whereas yang is a force that energizes, motivates and warms. In its largely extreme form, transformation of yang to yin and the converse occurs.
Week 2- Preparatory Phase to Ovulation
Thickening of the endometrial lining occurs as follicle development in the ovaries takes place. On the tenth day, 1 of the 2 follicles would start superseding the other and produce a matured egg. Approximately near the twelfth day, there is a surge in estrogen levels and the body would get the signal for producing LH or leutenizing hormone that would gesture the dominant follicle to burst and shed the egg.
TCM Approach
When one inches closer to ovulation, the menstrual cycle that had been controlled by feeding yin force would become largely yang. Among women having an extended follicular stage, practitioners would come to the decision whether this has occurred due to yin shortage that slackens follicles being produced or yang shortage which means postponed ovulation. The yin worth is believed to have an impact on egg quality.
Source : Menstrual cycle chart


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