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The Breast Night's Sleep: Breast Support Device Aids Sleep Comfort for Nursing and Expectant Mothers

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am

The inevitability of sleep deprivation during pregnancy and following childbirth is accepted, but thanks to a revolutionary new breast support device, heavy breasts won’t add to the burden of sleepless nights. Kush , ( a cylindrical, ergonomic device, is designed to be placed comfortably between the breasts when side-sleeping to help support them and aid comfort during sleep.  Made from extremely lightweight PET plastic, it’s slip resistant and contoured, meaning it tends to stay in place throughout sleep and go unnoticed by the wearer.


The Kush Company was recently approved for participation in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists You and Your Family pregnancy initiative – a Government-backed initiative which will ensure every pregnant woman in the UK from January 2010 will receive an A5 educational publication.


The Kush was developed by a woman in the U.S. but was recently introduced to the UK by Midlands-based business woman Joanne Darbost.  She says: 


“I came across Kush last year, a few months after it had its global launch in the U.S. and thought it was quite a revolutionary product.  It occurred to me that so many women could be helped to have a more comfortable sleep, and it seemed to be the ‘missing link’ in available products being currently offered to women buying nightwear and lingerie and those buying for their pregnancy and breastfeeding needs.  If Kush had been available when I was pregnant with my twins, I would certainly have bought one as I believe it to be the answer for those uncomfortable months, when a good night’s sleep is so desperately needed.”


In addition to the comfort benefits, Kush helps prevent cleavage wrinkles and sagging, caused by the effects of gravity when side sleeping – an issue for many mums-to-be who are already concerned about the changing shape of their bodies with pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The Kush retails via the website ( and is available in three skin tones or four pastel colours in three sizes, small, medium and large.  It costs £29.99 plus delivery.

Press enquiries only to Gina Croft at Cacique Public Relations on 020 7250 4750 or


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