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The best therapist I ever had was a dermatologist.

Posted Jul 27 2010 7:31am
Well, not exactly...but close.

Today was the day.  THE DAY.  The day that I thought we'd waltz into the dermatologist's office, ask for a prescription for some beetle juice , make several return appointments to have it administered and enter Fall rash-free.

That's not quite what happened, but I can't complain for I found some satisfaction and relief in the results anyway.  Here's the breakdown on the rash
  • It is SO NOT like "modern day leprosy" that I referred to it as in my prior post.
  • While it is contagious, other kids are as likely to get it from the pool, a public toilet seat or another kid as they are from L.  Therefore, it is completely unnecessary to isolate L socially.  
  • It takes a while to manifest before the papules appear.  So, we'll never know when or where L got it and if your kid gets it you won't know when or from whom, either.
  • The cantharidin is no more effective than freezing the papules off, but is more dangerous to the skin and causes more pain and scarring.  It isn't advisable in squirming, uncooperative two year olds who might flail and get the juice on areas that don't need to be treated, resulting in more pain and suffering.  Also, it's not really FDA approved in the US.
  • The doctor doesn't believe it will last as long as I what I read online suggested and also said that the scare tactic stuff online was just that..."any idiot can post anything online at anytime."  
  • Molluscum is now affectionately called "sixth disease" by doctors.  I.e. just like "Fifth disease" , it is a very common childhood rash-causing virus.
  • Bottom line: L has too many to freeze right now, so we'll put some Retin-A related cream on it at night and forget about it.  Period.
Doc: "Just don't think about is nothing to worry about!"
Me:  "That's easier said than done."
Doc:  "Why?  It's not a problem?"
Me: "Tell that to the other mothers."
Doc: "Oh, you mean the ones including you that believe that their perfect baby is no longer perfect because he has a rash that is harmless and will eventually go away on its own?"
Me: "Yep, those moms and all the rest of them.  You know, parenting is a full-contact sport nowadays?  I mean, if your child spreads illness or says the wrong thing to someone else's kid, you're likely never to be invited back to a playdate again?"
Doc: "Why would you want to be friends with people who are like that?  Find some new people to hang out with."
Me: "You know I am not alone in worrying about this thing, right?  I mean there are several support groups online for this."
Doc: "Are you kidding me?  Support groups for molluscum?  That's like having a support group for a stubbed toe!"
After addressing the rash, the doc declared that he was more concerned about my worry over the rash than the rash itself and proceeded to give me some of the best anxiety advice I have heard in a while.  I shall share the wealth with you...
Picture yourself in a room.  A room with three stark black walls and a large wall in front of you covered in white paper.  In your hand you hold a marker.  With that marker, you list all of the worries, overwhelming thoughts, fears and your anxieties on that paper.  Write until you've emptied your brain of every single one.  Once you are satisfied, take that paper.  Wad it up.  Roll it smaller.  Use your energy to make it as small as possible.  When you are done, look left.  There, you'll see a toilet.  You aim and throw.  Your paper ball lands perfectly and you flush.  You watch as it all descends and is no longer visible.  You take a deep breath and exit the room, re-entering your present moment refreshed, renewed, lighter and more peaceful.
(repeat as often as necessary.)

That my friends, was worth a $40 co-pay,
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