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The beginning of interesting times?

Posted May 12 2009 6:16pm
I think I am in early labor. I woke up this morning with stronger than usual Braxton Hicks (BR) contractions and after a short walk through a nearby field with Ender (our dog), I think I lost my mucus plug. I have been having what feels like one long BR (my uterus stays hard, but not painful) punctuated by brief, more painful contractions. They happen every few minutes, but only last a few seconds.

I know this is the time to practice being in the moment. If I notice every contraction now or get too excited about the possibility of having that real, live baby I have longed for for so long; it is going to be a really long day or possibly long several days. It is hard though. I have called Brad, Stacey, Cathy (midwife) and Dr. Wonderful (OB). Brad is on the way home. Stacey reminded me to start practicing calm thoughts now and is ready to come over as soon as I say the word. Cathy told me to go shopping, walks, whatever sounds good and distracting. I just let Dr. W. know so that he is in the loop if things don't go as well as we hoped.

I am about to put on some music and dance. I think if anything will calm my mind and distract me from the pain it will be that. Before I go to the calm place though, I wanted to share my current emotional state. I seem to go somewhat randomly from a calm state of mind to some fear that the pain will get the best of me (usually during a contraction) to so unbelievable excited and hopeful that I start crying and feeling like I just might lose my mind. Then I laugh at the absurdity of my bouncing emotions.

My plan is to continue to update this post as things progress - or not if I don't feel like it. I have asked Stacey and Brad to put in any updates they feel like too. We will see how things go.

I am off to dance.

10:34 The contractions have gotten stronger although perhaps not longer. They have been mostly in my back. I finally put together what Dr. Wonderful said about the baby's position on the u/s yesterday. He could see the face really well. The baby is posterior. Ouch! We are going to try to turn the baby by getting on all fours with my hiney in the air. We are also going to use some tuning forks on my pinky toes - it is supposed to help. Let's hope!

One Day Later...

Kami & a healthy baby are recovering at the hospital where Dr. W resides. Quite the story to tell. She will start as soon as I can get my laptop to her.
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