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The Beginners Guide to Natural Fertility – A Guided Tour

Posted Sep 27 2010 2:03pm

While some of you have been following Natural Fertility since its early days (since 2007), a lot of you are new readers.

To help you through the tons of natural fertility information within this site, I have created a beginner’s guide. Think of it as a Fertility Quick Start Guide.

You do not need to try to read through all of this material at once. There are hundreds of pages of content available (almost 1,000 actually). Read what you see as most relevant to you and your situation.

Where do you start when there is so much information to read through? You start with the most popular. Here you go:

Most Popular Posts
1. Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse
2. How to Get Your Period Back
3. Increase Your Egg Health in 90 Days
4. The Fertility Diet
5. Royal Jelly, Fertility Super Food
6. How to Use Self Fertility Massage to Boost Your Chances of Conception
7. How to Increase Low Sperm Count and Improve Male Fertility
8. 5 Steps to Preventing Another Miscarriage
9. FSH Levels and Your Fertility
10. Increase IVF Success Rate Naturally

Browse the Archives
Another way to find the information you are looking for is to take a look through the Fertility Blog Archives .

Next you’ll want to look into some of your favorite topics:

Fertility Cleanse

Fertility Diet

Fertility Herbs

Here are a list of my top 5 favorite guides (that were not mentioned in the top 10 most popular posts):

Hethir’s Top 5 Favorite Guides

1. Progesterone Fertility Guide
2. Castor Oil Therapy for Reproductive Health
3. How to Use Fertility Enzyme Therapy to Increase Your Fertility…
4. Reduce Stress and Enhance your Fertility with EFT…
5. Fertility Smoothies – A Fun and Delicious Way to Boost Your Fertility

Maybe you are tired of reading and would prefer to watch videos, check out the top 10 the natural fertility videos available:

Natural Fertility Videos
1. Self Fertility Massage
2. How to Use a Castor Oil Pack
3. Maca – Fertility Superfood
4. How to Increase Your Egg Health
5. Fertility Smoothie #1
6. Fertility Cleansing
7. Fertility Superfood Royal Jelly
8. The Natural Fertility Diet
9. Fertility Herb: Vitex
10. Inspirational Fertility Cleanse Testimonial

To help you on your journey to motherhood, I have created some great resources and community to keep you connected, empowered and supported:

Awesome Natural Fertility Resources

  • The Natural Fertility Coach (coaching videos and interviews)
  • About Hethir
    You might want to know more about Hethir, the woman who created this site… here is the short story: I’m married (8 years now), live and work internationally and nomadically, am a herbalist, massage therapist, doula and holistic nutritionist. I started Natural Fertility after experiencing two of my own miscarriages and getting frustrated from the lack of information and support for natural ways to a healthy pregnancy. I love to run, write, eat whole foods and spend as much time as I can in nature.

    Also, this site would not be possible without the team we have behind the scenes. I am especially grateful to Dalene who helps with the tons of questions and comments we get each week and soooo much more as well as my husband Jason who heads customer service and shipping. It is a blessing to share so much time with two of the people I love the most!

    If that was not enough here is more:

    About Hethir
    Interviews with Hethir: You can find them all located here…

    To make sure you get all new posts as they come out, subscribe via or to our Fertility Tips eNewsletter. Box is located in the upper left of the website.

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