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The almost never-ending Umoja picture post

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:44pm

The last few weeks have been insanely busy with all of the Christmas to-do and prep for Chance and Apollo' s arrival. I was way behind on blog posts. I had them floating around, and now that I have the time to write them, I realize it will take way too long to peck out each individual post. So, here' s another drive-by update, but with pictures.

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa - seven days with seven principles. I' ll explain in detail tomorrow and for the next six days, I' ll explain the priciple for that day. Today' s prinicple is Unity - Umoja.

Here are some pictures of Smart One Family Umoja:

The Yearly Trip to the Tree Farm

Christmas 2008 007
The traditional tree farm family picture

Christmas 2008 009

The kids climbed up into the huge oak tree to pose for a picture. When I asked Kaelyn if she wanted me to put her up there so that she could be in the picture, she gave a silent reply with an expression which I' m sure said, "You must be out of your flippin' mind, woman."

Christmas 2008 063

I did manage to snap this one of Kaelyn with her stunna shades on.

Christmas 2008 022

Jaiden and Jordan running through the trees.

Christmas 2008 021

One of my favorite pictures of Kyra and Kaelyn.

Christmas 2008 016

Dani, me, and Chanel
Mommy Lady in the front.

I know we' re sexy; don' t hate.

Christmas 2008 052


One day I' ll have to tell you all the story of how we came to yell "SISSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRSSS!"

Christmas 2008 038

Who needs Abercrombie & Fitch when you can Grababootie & Pinch?

Homemade Sugar Scrub = Homemade Mess All Over the Kitchen Table

A few weeks ago, niobe posted a recipe for homemade sugar scrub. I thought that would make cheap, easy, and fun gifts for the kids to make for their teachers.
Christmas 2008 072

Jordan and Jaiden measure out sugar and baby oil.

Christmas 2008 073

Kyra and Jaiden measure. We doubled the recipe that niobe posted. What happens when your mom is a teacher? She makes you use 1/8, 1/4, and 1/3 measuring cups for real-world application math problem solving situations.

Christmas 2008 081

One day he' ll hate me for posting this picture.

Christmas 2008 082

Kaelyn got in on the action.


Christmas 2008 086

A word of caution: a little food coloring really does go a long way. They each barely used 5 drops. Their teachers might end up with day-glo skin, but at least they' ll smell good and be silky-smooth.

Jordan' s First School Program and Kyra' s Girl Scout "Fashion Show" Christmas Party

Christmas 2008 092Christmas 2008 093

At the kids' school, the Kindergarteners traditionally do the December program. This year, they sang Christmas and New Year' s songs from around the world. Jordan' s class sang the Chinese New Year song Gung Hay Fat Choy. The kids had to wear their robes in effort to invoke an Asian influence. He was so proud and cheesed through the whole program.

Christmas 2008 099

KyraGirl PrissyPants gets gussied up for her Girl Scout holiday party.

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas 2008 100

Christmas morning at 2:31 a.m. after "Santa" visited.

Christmas 2008 103

Kaelyn cuddles up to a couple of stuffed lambs? sheep? What the heck are those?

Christmas 2008 105

What man gets this excited over a special chicken fryer thingy?

I love me some him. His chicken is pretty damned good, too.

Christmas 2008 107

The kids have been hording money in a shoebox for the past couple of months. Dani bought el Cinco this ATM bank thing. It has a real card and keeps up with deposits and withdrawals. You can see how impressed they were. Between the money they had already saved, their Christmas money, and loose change they' ve been finding around the house, they have over $80.00 saved. 

Christmas 2008 108

Their art teacher did a unit on origami a couple of months ago and since then, Jaiden has had an obsession with folding paper. This ended up being one of his favorite gifts this year.

Christmas 2008 109

My dad bought everyone got new bikes this year, and this is Kaelyn' s first bike ever. The bikes were the last presents they got yesterday. My dad had them in the playroom hidden under blankets. After they had opened all of their other gifts, he took them into the playroom to show them his "tent."

Watch the video below to see their expressions when he pulls off the blankets.

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