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Thank you, Insurance and the devil known as Sprint

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

I want to thank Milenka for her very helpful comment. I am definitely going to check out all of the things you suggested. Check out Milenka's drama at her blog.

Onto my fiasco . . .

So I got my insurance card yesterday. I've been waiting for it so I could schedule my followup appointment with the OB to get the infertility testing moving along. Of course that's shot to hell now, as the insurance never got transferred to the new company and my policy is still for the company that no one in town will accept. By the time I get it straightened out and get a new card, my 60 day window will be up and I won't have health insurance anymore. We've basically decided to wing it for lack of a better term.

We basically know our problem is either hormonal (probably progesterone) or something with my body rejecting my eggs fertilized by my husband. Being that there is nothing we can do about the rejecting eggs thing without medical professionals, we're hoping it's the first problem, thus that is what we are going to focus on.

As this is day 18 or so of my cycle, we are hoping I didn't get pregnant with the withdrawal method of birth control which lasted all of a day, or our very risky it can't happen to us again method of just blind faith. If I'm pregnant, we are basically screwed since it's too late to start with the progesterone which is still at the store somewhere, as the stupid cell phone company is screwing with me and now I'm poor (I'll get to that in a minute). Hopefully we can get some money together in the next two to three weeks so we can try out our new plan, progesterone cream and perhaps overseas clomid, next month.

I hate Sprint. I really do. I think that company is run by the devil incarnate. Months ago we had our cell phones shut off and due to medical bills couldn't afford to get them turned back on until the tax refund check arrived. Somehow the $450 or so dollars I owed them turned into about $900 or so due to cancellation fees, reactivation fees, new deposits and the ever popular hidden charges. I signed a new contract and had the phones turned back on May 5th.

This morning they were shut off again. We haven't even received a bill yet. Apparently since the service was canceled and reactivated, our credit limit was dropped from $300 to $150. Our average cell phone bill is about $200-$220 a month. I called Sprint and was told that there was nothing they could do until I paid the bill of $228. Fine I said, and paid them a little over $200. I explained that this was going to happen every month since our average bill was over the credit limit. The ass that I was on the phone with explained that I could call another number and see if they would raise my credit, but if not, I would just have to watch the website and pay them the day the new bill comes out, about 10 days before I would get the bill in the mail, and about a month before the bill is due each month. Bitch. She transferred me to another department who told me I have to go to the actual store with 2 forms of ID and have them run another credit check to see if I would be allowed to raise my limit and then if they say it's ok, for me to call him back so he can raise it for me. Of course, the cell phones are in my husband's name, so I personally can't do anything and now I have to wait until Saturday when he is off from work to go over to the store when I should be getting ready for my daughter's 6th birthday party, which is Sunday. I then ask the man to at least remove the vision pack thing from both phones which we don't ever use that will drop our bill $30 a month. He tries and then claims that the system is undergoing matenence and to try calling back tomorrow and maybe someone can help me then.

So basically, I wasted a half hour of my day talking to people who are completely useless and absolutely nothing has changed. And I spent my car insurance money which is due this Sunday, on the cell phone bill that isn't even actually due to the middle of next month. I'll have the money for the car insurance come Friday, but that really isn't the point. We were finally getting our bills in order and managing to have some money in the bank, thus making it so we didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck and now Sprint is sucking the life out of me. Like I don't have enough crap going on.

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