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Testing, Friends, and Health Insurance

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

So I took that pregnancy test on Friday. I figured if it came out negative, it was still so early that it would still be 50-50 if I was pregnant. Yeah, it was negative. I felt like such crap on Easter I took another one (I bought a 2 pack) figuring that since it was still before my period was due, even if this one came out negative, there would still me a 70-30 chance I might be pregnant. Yeah, negative as well. Today's the day and no period in sight , so who the hell knows what's going on. And now I'm out of tests.

On another even more distressing note, I was informed Friday night that yet another one of my friends has found herself pregnant. I'm very happy for her, but grr!! I think I only have about 3 non-pregnant friends left and they are all very much single and very very much trying to avoid the babies.

And lastly on a makes me feel slightly better note, the husband got the call we've been waiting for from the local carpenter's union. As soon as they schedule his physical, he's in, whenever that ends up being. Which means I actually have medical insurance in my future. Which means I won't have to deal with Medicaid and their crappy list of HMOs anymore as I have to apply every time I get pregnant and get kicked off every time I have a miscarriage. Which means if I do have another miscarriage, we will be able to get all the infertility testing done! And I can actually take the any prescriptions the doctors decide to give me to remedy whatever problem I may have since I won't have to pay full price. Yeah, actual hope!

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