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Ten Things I Love About Clara…

Posted Mar 15 2012 3:47pm

   Clara bagel 10. She’s an eater.  She takes after her mommy that way…  While she has likes and dislikes, usually, she’ll eat whatever I make for her.  I appreciate this trait. :)

9. She’s mischievous.  One look and I know she’s up to no good!  She’s a sneaky one, my Clara-bear.

8. While her vocabulary is growing every day, she still prefers to communicate with expressions.  All I have to do is look at her and I know exactly what she wants.  My face always shows what I really think too – even when I don’t want it too.  Her eyes always tell the story!  Sorry, sweetheart!

7. She’s a lover.  I never have to worry about receiving hugs and kisses from Clara.  She’s always quick to oblige!  And I love the random hugs around my knees followed by an “I love you!” too.

6. She’s agreeable – most of the time.  For example, she’ll usually wear what I pick out.  She likes purple, green, yellow, and a variety of colors making her easy to dress and usually cooperative.  I know she won’t be this way forever, but I’ll enjoy it while I can!

5. Her smile.  Her whole face smiles and it lights up the room in an instant.

4.  That giggle.  Clara has a very distinctive giggle.  It’s loud, rambunctious, and joyful – always music to my ears.

3.  Her toy choices.  Who wouldn’t love Legos, Magnatiles, and books?  And of course, don’t forget her baby!

2.  Her sense of humor.  She cackles about the most mundane things.  Standing on the side of the couch and falling – hilarious!  Repeating everything Bo says – comedy central! 

1.  Her energy.  She’s filled with a positive energy and an uplifting spirit.  Running through the grass in the backyard she exudes a freedom that I don’t remember possessing – a trust that everything is okay and that life is good. 

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