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Ten for Ten (Thousand!)

Posted Mar 05 2013 12:00am
Welcome to Little Wonders' First Ever Blog-raiser! 
(If you are looking for this page auf Deutsch, click here )

Many of you have been following this blog for years, quite a few of you we are fortunate to call our friends in real life, some of you I've never met, and some of you are just finding this blog for the very first time. Whoever you are: Here is a tiny, simple and inexpensive way for you to make a BIG difference! 
Because all you have to do, faithful friend or first-time guest, is to make a simple, one-time donation in the amount of $10. Right here! Your donation is secure and tax-deductible via AdoptTogether.
With your small donation, you will do so much more than help us complete our adoption. You will make the biggest difference you could ever dream of making in one little person's life ... a young child orphaned and abandoned in an African orphanage .... a child living with a medical condition that might very well kill him without proper medical care. Today, you can help to give this child a future. A place to call his home. A family to call his own.

And this is what sparked the idea for this fundraiser (and gave it its title): When we first shared the devastating news of our adoption agency's bankruptcy  here , we were astounded to see that my blog received more than 1,000 pageviews in just the first 24 hours. Later, as we've started to grapple with the financial implications of our huge loss and the reality of having to repay almost all of what we've already paid, I started to think: "What if every person who visited my blog that day just gave $10? We would have raised $10,000!" (Which, by the way, is not even close to what we lost in the bankruptcy and less than a third of what our new adoption will cost.)
But $10 seemed like a relatively small amount, something virtually everybody could do. And yet together, as a blog-community of real-life friends and compassionate readers all over the globe, we could actually do this! We could raise $10,000. Now, there are two things we need to do to make this happen: 1) Right now, as you are reading this, you will have to actually get up, find your wallet, come back and make the donation.  And then - 2) You have to help me spread the word - because believe it or not, I don't usually get 1,000 pageviews a day. So after you make your donation, will you help me share this blog post or our adopt-together page on your FB or twitter or personally in an e-mail to your church or your friends?
Still not everybody reading this post will (be able to) donate ... so maybe some of you will consider giving $20 ... or $100? No matter what size your gift, let us express our deepest, warm, heart-felt gratitude for helping us bring our new son home!
Lastly, for those of you who might be visiting this blog for the first time, here is a quick recap of our story: We are a family of four, Bjorn is a pastor and I am a part-time fitness instructor/personal trainer and a full-time mommy to our almost 4-year old identical twin girls Liana and Amaya. They came to us after a painful struggle with infertility, and after almost losing them to a life-threatening in-utero condition called Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Our first two years with them were quite the wild ride as they struggled with little and big health issues caused by the TTTS and resulting premature birth. But slowly, life started started to settle down, and we started to consider adding another child to our family. Quickly, our hearts were drawn to the state of orphans in 3rd world countries. Here we were, a family with room in our hearts and home for another child ... and there were millions of children living without even the most basic care and love - and all of a sudden, the question wasn't so much "Why adopt?" ... it was "Why not?" Last spring, we started our adoption journey with a trusted and well respected Christian adoption agency. We completed months and months of paperwork and training. Both Bjorn and I added a second part-time job to pay for the large fees, and we took out an adoption loan. In early December, we submitted our dossier to Ethiopia. We were on the waiting list! We anticipated a referral for a child some time in early summer, and hoped to travel to meet him yet this summer.

Yet all of a sudden, out of the clear blue, our adoption agency filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and seized services immediately in early February. We were completely shocked and devastated. There was little information forthcoming at first, but once we were able to piece the picture together, we realized that we had just lost almost everything we had invested into this adoption. From one day to the next, we went from thinking that aside from travel expenses (and some minor in-country fees), our adoption was paid for ... to realizing that we would have to start all over. We have since contracted a new agency, which is willing to work with our very unique case and help us complete our adoption. During this time of great soul-searching and new planning, we determined that we were finally bold enough to make a decision we had been thinking about for a while: Adopting a child with a serious medical condition. One that is entirely manageable in this country, but one that would almost certainly cost his life where he to remain in Ethiopia without the proper care. Because of our decision to accept a child with a medical condition, our adoption will now most likely be processed much faster than anticipated - and the need for us to raise the funds necessary is greater than ever. Thanks again for visiting Little Wonders' today and for sharing in our journey. Your prayers, thoughts, and financial gifts mean so much!

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