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Tell me this will end...

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:31pm
As we are approaching what I think (and pray!) is the peak of the girls' fussiness period, we're living through some nightmarish days and nights. Every day this week I thought to myself: "Wow, it has never been this bad!" and then the next day, it would get worse, and I'd think the same thing all over again. In the last few weeks, it might have been a full-time job for each of us at night to calm, soothe, rock, hold, and walk each baby to keep her from crying. It was hard work - but at least we were able to keep them from crying. Not any more. I think they are turning from extremely fussy into outright colicky babies. I don't know how many hours Liana has been screaming at the top of her lungs today. Many. And that means I don't know how many hours I have spent today shooshing, holding, rocking, carrying, walking her. Trust me, my bag of tricks for fussy babies is pretty extensive by now - and yet nothing seems to work.
Liana had been in a funk all day, so that I literally spent the majority of the day consoling her. Thankfully, her sister was sleeping most of the day so I could actually focus on her. Well, by the time Bjorn got home, things started getting a little dicey as Liana would just not want to be consoled, no matter what I tried. She screamed and cried and screamed some more. By the time I sent Bjorn to bed, Amaya was starting fuss also, and within a short amount of time I had two screaming babies. At that point, there is really very little you can do. I sat with them on the couch and tried to talk to them and console them. It only made matter worse. Then I tandem breastfeed them, which helped for a little while, then I walked them through the apartment, I rocked them in the rocking chair ... and exactly an hour later I sat back on that couch with two babies that were still screaming their heads off.
It is really hard for me to watch them cry like that, since I know it is not good for them, and since not being able to stop it goes against everything I believe about parenting. But I've started to realize over the last few days that sometimes, there is absolutely nothing I can do but to sit there with them and let them know I am there while they cry until they are too exhausted to keep crying.
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