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Tara Bliss… with a surname like that, what’s not to love?

Posted May 16 2013 10:10pm

by mnfadmin on May 15, 2013


Meet beautiful Tara Bliss.  She's a woman with a beautiful vision, she's changing lives and she is just one of those people you want to love more.  She's here to tell us her story – she's gone from party girl to truly living and loving life with a bigger awareness in the reality that life is there for the taking and it's up to you to make it flipping terrific.  She found herself at the tipping point – live wasn't (and sometimes isn't) always daisy chains and rainbows – but with the right mindset and awareness you can turn things 360 to create the life worth living.  I'll let Tara tell you in her words!
1.) Tell us a little about you and how you became a life coach?
Three years ago, I launched Such Different Skies as a travel and lifestyle blog, and used it as a place to write about snowboarding, hiking, music and adventures.
My spiritual journey grabbed me while I was living in Whistler, Canada, and before I knew it, my blog started changing.  It wasn't about parties and backpacking anymore, instead, I began peppering it with personal growth posts (as I began leaning away from self-destructive behaviour), and pressing questions for my (small) audience.
  I became a life coach because essentially the focal point of my blog changed from me, to my slowly but surely growing tribe.  I embraced vulnerability.  I shared my story more openly than before.  I aimed to get into the hearts of my readers, and by doing that, I gained their trust- they felt safe with me.   In nine months i've been able to transform from my business from an on-the-side thing, to a full time, abundant, entrepreneurial dream.  Thank God for that little voice inside that suggested I start a travel blog while I was picking mandarins in central Queensland.  Without that voice, I wouldn't have created the space that allowed me to grow into this purposeful, fulfilling life.
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