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Taking the Statistical Bulletpoints

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:27pm
I seem to be very uninspired when it comes to my blog lately. Here are some points of note:

  • Will's ear infection is much, much better. And I am feeling better about having missed some of the signs and symptoms. Thank you for your supportive comments.
  • Will is really starting to skooch around. But he still likes being on his back much better. I am surprised that with his ability to roll, he hasn't rolled over in his crib yet, but he stays on his back.
  • He loves his jumparoo, but when he had his ear infection, it must have made him sore, because he didn't love it for about a week there. Now, he is back in love. My husband thinks it's funny to watch him, because his little legs flail like he's doing an Irish Jig.
  • All of my work stuff is gone. G-O-N-E. I cried when they took the car away, but I was pretty darn giddy when they took the computer.
  • I still have 10 lbs. of IVF/cycling weight to lose. My baby weight has been gone for months, but I seem stuck at the weight I am now. I really haven't done much to lose weight, so I can't complain, but it's just kind of there.
  • I am finally fitting in my prepregancy jeans, though certainly not in the jeans that I wore before all of the ART cycles. Again, can't complain, as I go to the gym infrequently.
  • I think I o'd this last weekend. I had some crazy EWCM. I felt twinges of babylust again, which really took my by surprise. But we didn't do anything about it and I am still on the mini-pill (although I thought that was supposed to keep me from having EWCM, but whatever).

I guess those are some points for now. . . I will hopefully be more inspired soon!

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