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Take a hike

Posted Jan 26 2013 6:07am
This morning, JB and Connie and the boys left to take a free hike with Outdoor Recreation on Base. Aunt Connie heard about it and signed us up! I was hopeful to go in John's place, but the mornings are still a bit rough for me so I opted to stay home with Abigail. I can't wait to see photos from their "hot chocolate hike." The boys were so excited!

Abigail just went down for her nap. I plan to rest here in a minute too but wanted to take the opportunity to put a brief update on the blog as to how I am doing.

Firstly, I wanted to summarize, briefly, what sort of "happened" to me during this IVF journey.

I took a drug called lupron which basically puts you into menopause. It shuts your ovaries completely down. While I have used this drug many times and definitely had emotional upheaval, this time I really got "down." It wasn't terrible but I was definitely clouded by depression and anxiety. This started around the first week of December.

However, we went home to America, and while I was definitely not  the Wendi I was used to being, I handled the trip pretty okay. I couldn't do as much as I had previously and had trouble making decisions and cried frequently, but I was okay.

On the way back to Lajes, however, I went through a bit of a tailspin. I had already lost about 10-12 pounds while in America. (My appetite had been effected by the emotions.) I was very tired, we had to do an overnight flight, I was (and didn't know it yet) pregnant, and when we got back to our house, couldn't fall asleep.

Someday, maybe I'll discuss the 10-14 days that follows, but I sort of had a bit of a "breakdown." My aunt and husband and friend Carla were there to support me through this. I just stayed home and worked on recovering. I started having morning sickness during this time and a bad sick bug went through our house. All of this at the same time just kind of broke me down.

But I did not stay down Praise the Lord.

I can now say that I have basically come out of this. Aunt Connie said to me yesterday, "You totally seem like the old Wendi today" and I feel like she is right. I am almost there.

I am still sick from this pregnancy but am not nearly as nauseated as I was for two weeks there. I am functioning well, taking care of my family, and actually "thriving." I am doing activities again and venturing back into the community.

I thank all of you who prayed for me during this time. God took good care of me and brought the people around me that I needed!

Thanking God that I am really starting to feel like myself again!
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