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Posted Dec 13 2008 12:00am

The wonderful, sweet Cassandra at Baby Smiling In Back Seat has tagged me. I know, some of you have tagged me before and I have been super lame in not playing, but now I have the time and will play.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.
Here goes...
1. I have a pair of "house" glasses and "going out" glasses. Strange cause their both cute and stylish, if I may say so- but I must wear one in house only and the other if I am not wearing my contacts out.
2. I cannot let anyone wash my dishes. Hate, hate, hate it! If they succeed, I re-wash. (see here, DH's family members come and they're like "oh let me do them..." I insist no, they do em, then I rewash after they leave)
3. I cannot see or watch a needle penetrating my skin... ever!
4. I MUST cut my fingernails every week, usually on Fridays, not always but most times.
5. I am a recovering shoe freak, fanatic, addict, whatever you want to call it.
6. I have many shirts, tops that are too big, but i will not tailor them as I waiting for that baby to come and then they'd make perfect maternity clothes, LOL!
7. I LOVE LOVE ebay! Even though here in Cairo I am unable to sell/buy. (mail is non-existant here. well i do buy sometimes and send to a friend who i wait will send to Cairo with anyone we know coming.) The exciting thing is I have starting selling with my Dad. Well kind of. I do computer listing from here, he ships fomr there. He uploads his photos to me, tells me a few things about item, I write description, post and manage computer portion. Its totally legal and we cleared it with ebay before we started. It makes me so happy and I am back on ebay again, woo hoo.

So i hereby tag the following divas: (sorry if you been there, done this already...)

1. Julia at Got Embryo's
2. Anita at Hope.Faith.Patience
3. Kara at Becoming Parents
4. Nit at a Soldier's Girl (um, cause where the heck is she???)
5. Sam at The Life and Times of Me
6. Damona12 at The Baby Dust Diaries
7. Hope2Morrow at It's Not The End of The World

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