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Tabitha at 5 months old

Posted May 28 2012 7:07am

Here is an update on Tabitha, which I wrote a few weeks ago but never got around to publishing...

Tabitha - 5 months and 2 weeks old

Tabitha is five months old now and has passed many more milestones. 
She has been eating solids for the past few weeks.  Mostly pureed vegetables except for breakfast when she has baby porridge.
Tabitha now sleeps from 7:00pm until 6:30am consistently now.  It was starting to get really hard to get her to sleep in the evenings.  Usually I would be in her room for over 2 hours, feeding her, rocking her and walking around the room.  She was completely dependent on me being there for her to drop off.  Every time I put her down, she’d wake up crying ten minutes later.  I fixed it by doing some sleep training.  I wasn’t trying to get her to sleep through the night, but that turned out to be an extra benefit.  I am sure she does still wake up in the night, she just doesn’t cry.  Now I feed her, kiss her goodnight and put her to bed awake. So much less stressful and it means Dexter gets more time with me.  Another positive change since I did sleep training is that I can put Tabitha down in the day, she used to always want to be held.  As much as I love holding her, it was hard to have to do it all day and I was getting back ache.
Sleep training divides opinions.  In our house we like it, as we’ve seen the benefits for the whole family.  Dexter also is a good sleeper and has been since he was a tiny baby.  I did sleep training with him too, though it wasn’t necessary at first as he slept through from the age of 8 weeks.
Tabitha rolled over a few times on the Easter bank holiday, but she is bored of that skill now and hasn’t done it since.  A week after she rolled, she started sitting.  She loves sitting up as she gets to look around.  She’s very nosy.
I have been trying to do baby sign with her, but I’m not in the habit yet and keep forgetting to so the signs.  Dexter used to sign before he was able to speak.  It was great to be able to communicate with him as early as possible.
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