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Posted Mar 18 2008 12:00am
Folks, our socks were blessed right off of us today! Seriously, they flew right smack off of us! You want to see why?!?!? Take a look at the three pictures below and the video. Man, Rachel, you are going to be sad you can't see this until after you get back from Mexico.


Yes folks, you saw that right. It's a real bonafide nursery. It brought with it the smells and wonders of another baby that has Scrubs going out of his mind!

As I wrote in a recent post, we were a little overwhelmed during the past few weeks when a lot of adoption money was owed at one time. The majority of this was for the China adoption, but it was still a whole lot of money at once. Now don't get me wrong. I am not complaining or saying we were in extreme need, but all of this money being due at once meant it would take us a little while to dig out, and we weren't going to have dug out by the time little XY arrived. We had basically consigned ourselves to the fact that his nursery furniture, unless given to us in a shower, would have to wait awhile. And we were okay with this. We had his bassinet and were okay waiting until the funds came in or until God provided.

I got a little disappointed after my shower the other night because I came home with all these wonderful things, but I had nowhere to put them. But again, I really wasn't worried about this. I truly knew God would provide at some point.

Then, last night, I got an email from a dear new friend. She and her husband have done adoption and understand the costs involved. Her youngest is getting ready to move into a "big girl" room, and she therefore, wanted to bless us with her nursery furniture. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!!? By nursery furniture I mean crib, changing table, bookshelf, dresser, glider, wall hangings, lamp, and more!

We are so very excited that little XY will come home to a real, official nursery. I'm sure, quite honestly, he could care less, but we are thrilled beyond belief. I still have a lot to do to the room, but doesn't it look great?!

I may still paint the room or at least do some stenciling. Tiffany has volunteered to help me paint and Sarah to do stenciling. I wonder if they have any idea how creatively and design-ly challenged I am.

Wow -- a real nursery in my home. Get here soon little guy. Well, not too soon. I've got a lot more I want to do first.

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