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Swim. Bike. Run.

Posted Jun 30 2013 12:00am
I know some of you read this blog mostly for cute pictures of the girls, or maybe for the occasional adoption update - and this post will contain neither. But every once and a while, Mom and Dad need to have to some fun, too! And my idea of fun this weekend consisted of swimming 1 mile (1600m), biking 26.6 miles (42km) and running 6.2 miles (10km) - all consecutively, and all for the very first in one long race! I've been training for my first Olympic-distance triathlon for the better part of this year, but since I wasn't much of a runner OR a swimmer before taking up triathlons last year, even just swimming a mile OR to running a 10k was enough of a challenge ... let alone all in a row, and with an 1.5 hour bike ride thrown in the middle. But I'm happy to report that the weather cooperated enough for near perfect race-day conditions, and I had a blast. I finished in 3 hrs and 7 minutes, slightly faster than I anticipated - but not by any stretch of the imagination "fast" in terms of more seasoned, competitive triathletes. However, Olympic-distance races aren't as popular as the widely known "Sprint-distance" ones ... and there were only 5 female athletes in my starting wave. When it came time for awards after the race, the starting wave was dividing into 2 sub-divisions (female athletes 25-29 and 30-34), which left only 2 of us in the 30-34 age group. And yes, I placed 2nd ;) So while one could say that I finished last (out of 5, which I did), I prefer to say that I placed 2nd in my first ever Olympic-distance triathlon (which I did, with the medal to show for it!). After a grueling month of peak-training, I am also happy that the event is now behind me and I won't have to swim in a lake or go on long training rides and runs in a while! :)
Hitting the ground running after a 1-mile swim
... and after a quick change...
... I'm on my bike less than 2 minutes after getting out of the water.
And now a 6.2 mile run?! Why did I ever think this would be a fun thing to do ;)!
Almost there. Blessing the flat and shady course at this point :)!
I made it!
Excuse me while I take a quick nap ...

Sometimes all you need to do to win is show up :)! Placing 2nd at my first ever Olympic-distance triathlon!

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