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Support OB who supports VBAC and vaginal breech births.

Posted Aug 25 2009 6:28pm

Most OBs allow the fear of liability to motivate their decisions, often not providing true informed consent.

Think of a mom with a breech baby.  Is she even given vaginal birth as an option.  99% of the time NO.  Rather she is told a cesarean is her only choice.  This is because that is the “rule” from the hospital, insurance companies, etc.  Not because it is necessarily the best choice.  This is not informed consent.  Informed consent would be here are the risks of a vaginal breech birth, here are the risks of a cesarean birth.  Information presented objectively.  Then parents are asked, “Which one do YOU want?”

There are a rare few OBs who will really let moms make informed choices.  Dr. Fischbein is one of those care providers.  He fights for a woman’s right to choose her birth experience.  He is now being punished for this.  Here is a website with more information. 

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