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Super Quick Post-Op Update

Posted May 11 2012 5:59pm

Hysteroscopic Gangsta

I rocked that surgical hairnet and IV like a GANGSTA.

My hysteroscopy went well yesterday. Dr. Warmenfriendly did a fantastic job and the nursing staff at the facility were just incredible. I’ve never met such genuinely kind and attentive medical personel in my life.

He went in to check on that fibroid, turns out I had a uterine septum instead! So he removed that and it looks like from a uterine perspective, I should be good to go to get a baby all up ins :-D

Recovering well with the help of Advil, pajama pants, and a dutifully attentive husband and a doting mom to take care of me. Recovery is just fine: mild cramping, a little bit of bleeding and I can’t stay in a sitting position for more than an hour or so, so oh shucks, looks like I gotta lay down all the time ;)

Only drawbacks: they had to stick me 3 times to get the IV in. Bummer. Looking a little bit like I got into a fistfight with a greedy vampire between the pin pricks and the bruises on my hands.

I cannot stress enough how much the post comments, tweets, Facebook likes and comments, text messages, emails and phone calls wishing me went have meant to me this week.

It’s amazing how many PTSD triggers I experienced as I got underway in pre-op, and I had all of your amazing good vibes and thoughts to carry me with and keep me sane and strong. I am deeply indebted to everyone who said a prayer, left an encouraging word, or simply kept me in their thoughts this week. It’s really meant more to me that I can put into words.

Other random goodness? I’m syndicated on today! Check out my piece on Pinterest: “Pin Pricked: A Cautionary Tale About the Dark Side of Pinterest.” Here’s the link to the full article over at BlogHer: .

Time for another nap, maybe some more video games, and resting the rest of the weekend. Cheers all!

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